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Hello Coralus Activators!

We've been quite busy working with some amazing entrepreneurs the last couple of years that we never quite got around to making our own website -  until now. 

The truth is we've grown via referrals and haven't had the time or need to market ourselves. Consider this site a placeholder, written by our founder, Leanne, who is clearly not a website designer! :)

If you are exceptional in your trade or an expert in your field we'd love to help you extract that greatness from your mind and the passion from your heart and turn it into a digital product that can generate revenue and scale your impact.

With a little bit more flexible capital we hope to serve more diverse businesses and be able to seek out entrepreneurs within the Coralus community who may not have the capital nor the traction yet to become Coralus Ventures. 

Have a peek at some of our work below and on Instagram and we hope you'll consider the diversity we can add to the Corlaus community. 

Our goal is to be the fuel behind amazing entrepreneurs who need help to get traction, monetize their greatness, and qualify as the next set of Coralus ventures

Consider us the perpetual fuel for the most amazing perpetual fund in the world!

Our Work

Miik - Sustainable Fashion

Digital Strategy

Miik is a small, woman-owned sustainable fashion brand located in Toronto. Over the last three years, Greatness Packagers has advised the amazing team on everything digital including organic social growth, paid advertising, live virtual events and influencer collaborations. ​

Dee Brooks - System Builder

Offer Clarity


Accelerated by Design helps leaders see and shape their futures. It uses collaborative design – a process rigorously tested and repeatedly proven – to quickly tap into the unsurfaced understanding of groups, teams and organizations.


They help turn noise into signal and undifferentiated information into actionable insight.


Greatness Packagers is helping Dee Brooks, the founder of ABD, design and launch the MVP of their platform. A platform that will help bring together co-designers, futurists and people who give a damn about the future and the world we are choosing to create for our children. 

Claire Tansey - Connection Thru Food

About Us